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Friday, January 2, 2009


Poker Night from DonaMajicShow on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Having conquered the final frontier, the return of the skinny Idahoan has taken place. All of Provo shuddered with the arrival of such an abnoxious force, but the shudder was only a 1.2 on the rictor scale and went unfelt by 97% of the population. Lavell Edwards reported a broken vase in his china hutch, he has yet to announce if he will be pressing charges.

With that said, goals have been established for another Provo escapade:

1. Dominate
2. Don't be Dominated
3. College Babes
4. Give it 110% (Testosterone, Mediocre Athleticism, Droppin it Like it's Hot, etc.)
5. Postpone the Marrriage of Jason Darrel Herman
6. Dominate
7. Don't be Dominated

Big things, big things, we've got a great year for you tonight folks. After being kidded by the kid-you-nauts, all musical energy will be reverted into two creative arteries: A thug rap project under the working title "John Hendricks and Dusty Hulet are THE HONOR CODE", and a harp/hand drum or guitar combo with flagrant fragrance, aka Jasmine Get-Lowe.

Stay tuned for many exciting adventures and invites to participate in the Ruckus. Let's defend freedom and do it for America.